eat, exercise, sleep, repeat

7 weeks! 

According to my pregnancy app, today my little seed is the size of a raspberry and has attached his/herself to me via an umbilical cord and is forming its digestive system. That seems insane!

I have been hitting it hard these past few days and it has been feeling good! The more I get out and do, the better I feel. Yesterday was one of my biggest days yet. I went out to help Jason set part of our 12 hour adventure race that we are putting on. 6 plus hours, a ton of elevation gain, lots of hike a biking and killer down hill. When I was moving I felt great, but every time we stopped for longer than a few min (like 2) I felt the nausea and sleepiness return. But once I started moving at a good pace again, I felt awesome.

Jason is still recovering from major hip surgery so he is not able to go as fast, and has to take breaks every once in a while to stretch and turn on his butt muscles again.  It is hilarious because we are total opposites right now.  I like constant motion and he likes little short bursts.

We joke that he is growing a butt muscle and I am growing a baby! At least we are on the same program when it comes to sleep! We both love to sleep for a LONG time (like 10 hours) and can’t keep our eyes open past 830.

I also feel like I already have a bit of a bump, but usually only after a bigger meal. I get bloated so easily! It’s pretty uncomfortable, so I have to control my eating habits big time. I feel like a baby bird. I look forward to the time that I can enjoy a full meal with no uncomfortable after affects.

The other day I also met with a midwife. I haven’t decided what I am doing yet as far as birth (and I think I have a while to decide and think about it) but I was really impressed with all of the personal service she offers and how chill she was about everything. I am still kinda scared… but also very intrigued about a home birth.  We will see, still collecting data, I have an appointment with a midwife/nurse to see how I feel about the hospital care here in a few weeks! Exciting things happening.

What I am loving: 

biking, swimming and paddling (it’s hot here!)


lattes – only one a day 😦

eggs and meat

breakfast burritos

What I can’t stand: 

anything bubbly

anything fried

sweet things give me indigestion, but I still like to try from time to time

Indian food

driving/ sitting in a car





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