11.3 weeks!


Wow, that flew by!! Where did the time go? And how is it moving this fast!?  Once we made the announcement, we received an amazing rush of love, excitement and support. It was such a cool and comforting feeling to see and hear how many people have our backs and how many people we made scream in delight!

Now that the news is out, we have of course been getting the next big question:

Are you going to find out the sexes?

And the truth is, we haven’t really talked about it yet. Our main focus right now is trying to eat well, sleep lots, play outside and be happy.

We have been doing a good job of all the above!

The past two weeks have been a blur of biking, white water paddling, camping, awesome food, great people, house projects, acro and slacklining.

Almost to the day of being 10 weeks, my nausea dropped and my energy started to rise. I still have to eat first thing in the morning, and then go back to bed for an hour or two, but over all I am feeling pretty good.  I actually got to take a couple rest days this last week, and eat some full meals because I don’t have to constantly move to stave off the constant sick feeling.

As far as training goes, I am training for an open water 1000 meter race at the end of the month, and perhaps another smaller race. I have been LOVING swimming- which is awesome, because it has always been my worst sport. The other night we took our brand new wetsuits up to a beautiful lake and I swam across it.. twice!  What I thought would be scary, was actually amazing and refreshing! I just hope my XS wetsuit still fits me by the end of the month!

We have also been keeping up with acro training. We are teaching an immersion this coming week, and while there are some things I don’t feel so good with, I feel pretty good with the majority of what we will be sharing. It’s awesome because every practice there are things that feel a little different every time – and sometimes it’s on my end, and sometimes it’s on Jason’s. As he’s finding new strength and flexibility every day with his new hip!

Mentally it’s been hard to not really be training for something (other than growing these two awesome babies inside me of course). I find myself jealous of others who are training for their next mtn bike race, adventure race or even triathlon. The idea that taking a break from it would be easy has not really come yet. But I am not giving up.  I am seeing that I CAN still “train”, I just need to put a different spin on it. Instead of training for my next race, I can be setting personal goals that are in ALL of the realms: both the physical and the mental.


So after a few much needed down days, and long talks with Jason, I made a summer list:

Go on a date adventure day/ and night once a week

Race my first swimming race = and have fun

Meditate everyday (which I am back to now after not being able to sit still for the past month!)

Go on a  new hike/run in the mountains once a week

Keep up with my mountain bike training (as long as it feels comfortable)

Work on my press handstand and jump to hand to hand – 3 times a week

PT and Tupler tummy exercises: every day

Slack off – on the line and off 2 times a week.. at least

Packraft once a week

Turn off social media every weekend

Take time, soften, just be, nest

As I am nearing my 12 week mark, I am feeling more and more excited about these two growing inside me. And I am starting to show more and more. No longer can I suck it in for the better part of the day. These two want to be seen!!

Alright – off to bed, going on a river trip tomorrow!

What I have been loving:

eggs, salty and sour things, swimming, being in the water


Mole Chicken tacos – anything mexican

Not into so much

Anything sweet




















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