Advice from a Legend

My first open water swim race at 16 weeks!

Week 17

I am officially the heaviest I have ever been! Rather than being depressed and scared about this, I have the words of the legendary Lynn Hill (google her if you don’t know) still sounding off inside me.  Last week I had the pleasure of running into her at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City. She was sitting down sipping champagne with her mom at a booth I had a meeting in.  I was just about to jet off to my next meeting, when I realized who it was. I reintroduced myself (as I know she meets 10’s of 1000’s of people just like me every year) and it came up that I was pregnant with twins.  She is a mom of a now 13 year old son, who I met when he was 6 years old at a Yoga Journal conference. I remember being immediately impressed by her mothering as she let him scale the walls of our rented cabin, and even spotted him on some sections. She was encouraging, playful and very commanding in her presence. Her son was both respectful and joyful with her. I didn’t know it then, but I do know now that that is the kind of mother I want to be.

I started asking her questions about her pregnancy, career and how it had changed with starting a family. She gave me many useful nuggets that I have written down but the one that has stuck with me since I saw her was this:

“you know Chelsey, many people think that I climbed right up until my due date, because, well they just assume that that is who I am and what I would do.  But actually I only climbed until I was 5 months pregnant because I wasn’t comfortable falling anymore.  I took 7 months off of climbing because it just felt right. Just know that what ever you decide that you want to do – know that it will be right for you. Don’t feel pressured by anyone else – your sponsors, loved ones or friends to do anything that doesn’t feel right.

“When it comes time to get back into your training or what ever it is that you decide to do, know that you have the drive to do it.. that part never goes away.”

She went on to talk about how she loved taking a break from her “passion sport” and how she came back even more stoked, dedicated and focused (the focused part she said was a must!)

I love how having this talk came at such a great time in my pregnancy journey. All that week I had been having meetings with our sponsors, and while I know they are excited for us and know that changes are coming, I couldn’t help but have a little bit of fear and anxiety around the timeline of me coming back strong and ready to race again!  However, hearing her advice in the back of my head, and seeing other athletic moms getting after it makes me excited for the challenges and journey ahead.

My update:

Besides the gaining of weight, my uterus is measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule! While I am popping out more, especially after a big meal, if you didn’t know me you may not know.

Overall I am feeling good. Sleep is amazing and my dreams are vivid as ever. I am not so hungry all of the time and actually have to remind myself to eat. My cravings have died down a lot and I can tolerate pretty much anything.  My go to meal is still anything with eggs, and if you wrap it up in a tortilla I am all about it.

Exercise wise, I am starting to slow down.  While I am still running just about everyday, and biking, swimming, paddling and acro-ing through out the week – my pace has had to slow.  For the past few runs I have felt some stretching/cramping in my round ligaments which apparently means that my uterus is growing. However, I am feeling so lucky having weekly access to my physical therapist at Rebound. Every week he puts my pelvis back into place and massages my lower back!  I am also diligently doing my core/pushing power/posture exercises three times a day. It’s never to early to start training for their delivery day.. and I am doing all I can for a vaginal delivery!

Yep- still slacking and doing my core exercises!

Baby ART and BLT update:

We named them this because on the latest ultrasound, we noticed that they were labeled this way. Apparently baby A is on the right and baby B is on the left, hence ART and BLT! According to my doctor, they are measuring about a week ahead as far as size goes, so I think that means a mango size?!  They have strong heart beats and seem to be doing well!

And to answer your question: What are you having!?  We are having human babies:)

What I am loving:

  • Sleep! Like I said before, my dreams are so vivid and so clear. I love it!
  • Sex – I am back to wanting it and LOVING it. (to much info? read the about page again)
  • larger comfortable bras and high waist bands:  No more tight clothing or constricting waist bands.
  • nesting: it is in full effect:)  organizing and remodeling will hopefully all be done by Nov 1st!
  • Yoga and meditation: I am back to my daily yoga practice and actually went to my first pre-natal class! It was so sweet to see so many pregnant mamas and to learn some new poses that will for sure be beneficial as I get bigger!
  • All the support: From in house nurse visits, to birthing and breast feeding class to a multiples FB page.. Oregon has got it going on and I am taking full advantage!











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