Adapting and Growing


22 weeks!

I am happy to report that I have adjusted and have even become quite fond of my “belly ornament”.  Cars stop for me, people open up doors for me and people in general just smile more at me.  AND I am finally feeling them!!  Now, when ever I stop for more than 30 min, I can feel movement, I can’t yet tell which is which, but they are getting stronger! Even Jason is starting to feel them, and it is becoming very special to just lay in bed every morning and night with his hand on my belly.

While over all I have been feeling really good, I have had a few hiccups and minor scares. Last week I started feeling really sore just in my right leg. At first I thought it was a bug bite, but then after a few days I started seeing some veins pop out.  I suspected varicose veins, and knew that they run in my family but I decided to go in to the dr. anyway as the hard lump was a little bothersome. An hour appt with my doctor and an ultrasound later, I am happy to report that it is not a blood clot! However, I do have to monitor it and have been advised to wear compression stockings (not cool!), stop running and get up every hour.    Apparently I am small for carrying twins (really!?) and already have prominent bulging veins.. Sweet.

Sleep has improved ALOT, I recently discovered the Snoogle.  If you are pregnant or have trouble sleeping on your side,  do not delay. This thing is amazing. While it does take up half the bed, it has helped us both sleep because I am not tossing and turning as much.

Hiking, walking, swimming,  lifting, biking, yoga and acro are all still feeling good. While I am slowing down, and motifying more and more, it has been a great lesson in listening to my body, adapting and being grateful for what I CAN do. Massage, physical therapy  and yoga have been helping my round ligament and lower back pain tremendously.  Even a light self massage or back rub from Jason goes a long way for all of the new aches and pains that come up everyday.

This Saturday we start teaching an 8 day Acrobatic Immersion. While I can’t do everything, it has been fun focusing on what I can do and making that more easeful. I am  also really excited for this opportunity to teach from a new body and  different perspective!

The Babes:

We got to see Art and Blt at our 20 week appointment and they are growing! Already my uterus was at 28 weeks and the boys, (yes we found out!!) were measuring just under a pound! I have no idea how they are growing so fast. But they are getting up there, and it is showing!

Since they are both boys, we do not know if they are identical or not.. and will not know until they come out, so that is exciting and will be our next surprise.

What I am loving:

My snoogle and Sleep!

My ability to surrender and adapt to the changes going on

Massage! If you live in Bend or are passing through, Laura Fieberg is amazing

Toesox compression socks and 2xu compression tights (with the high waist band)

The cooler weather! I have loved breaking out my bigger sweaters and snuggling up on the couch every night.

Soups! I have been waiting for this season for two months now. My favorite soup lately is a hearty veggie and lentil soup and a Kabocha squash soup.









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