A Mothers Day Gift


Mothers Day –  Ever since being pregnant and having Max and Spirit B, this day has become increasingly important to me. It is a day to honor all of the grandmothers and mothers before me and give love to myself for all that I have done thus far for my boys.

Mothers cross a threshold the minute they start bringing in another soul into this world. Whether their baby makes it into this physical world or not, there is a change that happens to women.  It is my mission to make this change a beautiful thing, because – IT IS. There is no going “back” to your old you. Your brain, your body and your emotions have changed after bringing life into this world. THAT IS HUGE!!  The new you that comes out of this is confident, calm, grounded, intuitive and strong. You just have to tap into it.

Looking back on being pregnant, I remember being extremely scared at the notion of change. I thought that it meant giving up my passions, my time and all the things that made up “Chelsey”.  However, after going through MY motherhood threshold, I now see that instead of giving up anything, I just became less attached to what I thought “made me, me” which in turn made me better and more confident at all of the things.

Approaching this day, 16 months after Max and Spirit B were born, and 25 months into this motherhood journey of mine, I feel compelled to say to all of you mothers out there, especially to those that have lost their mothers and/ or who have lost their babies: “I see you, I hear you, and I am with you.”

The most important part of my journey thus far has been to feel seen, heard and held.  From this place I have then been able to grow, to trust myself and ask for what I need.

For anyone who is struggling with what to get the mother in their life, whether it be the mother to your children, your own mom, a friend, or someone who is no longer in this physical world with you – remember that it can be simple as sitting with them and acknowledging all of their love, their growth and their struggles.

And for all of the mothers out there, I offer you this:

Take a moment to sit with yourself and breath. Give yourself 5 minutes to go inward. To a place deep inside of yourself. To YOUR inner-self.  To find her, do you walk down a path? Do you swim? Climb? How do you get there. 

Once there- 

What color is your inner self today? what does she feel like? where in the body is she? 

Sit with her for a few minutes or 10 deep long breaths

If there is anything you would like to ask her, ask. If not, that’s ok too. 

Listen to her for a few more minutes, then when it is time to go, give thanks and gratitude to her.

Come out of your meditation whenever you are ready. 

Feel free to write down what ever came up. 

As a mother I battle the need to constantly put my family before me.  This is a meditation exercise I do often when I need help figuring out what I need and want. From there, I can then better communicate to my family what I am missing if anything. When everyone feels like they can express what they are feeling, our household runs so much more smoothly!!








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