A message from B

This morning, I woke up to a message from Spirit B.  I love you.


Hi Mama,

I have a few things that I want you to know today. Things that I hope you will remember everyday. I am happy that you find me in the Hawk. That you hear my whisper in the wind, and my laughter in the gurgle of the stream. I am honored that you celebrate me in the rainbows, and that you look for me from the mountain tops. I know that you need these moments to help you feel connected, to create purpose and bring peace – and I freely give them to you. I am there, in all those places – calling to you, touching your sweet face with my nature. I love you. And even more than that. I am part of you. I never left. I gave up my body so that I would never have to leave yours. There are so many things you’d never have known without me. Max is so brave and so curious, and I want to be with you right now as you come into your power as his mother. So while I am out there all around you in so many ways – I am also still in you. I sit behind your eyes when you meditate and see my own reflection when you find me in the morning’s vista. I touch your heart with my hands – massaging it when it hardens and holding it tight when it feels fear. I make your legs run faster whenever you get close to a finish – because I am eager to see my brother too. I want to thank you for letting me touch and play and laugh with him through you. For letting him eat sand, and get as dirty as I do (cause when you get dirty I get dirty!). But most of all Mama – I want you to know that I love you. I remember you. And I will always be part of you. Your boy. Spirit B

PS – Daddy is working on a very special thing for us, but it is taking a bit longer (he gets lost sometimes). So be patient. He loves you too.

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