img_20200117_084901_dro I have been wanting to write for a long time now, but time has been cut down even more since Revel has started becoming more mobile! In an effort to keep my blog going, I am now going to start making shorter posts on thoughts and scenes from my days. Below is a little snapshot from our morning and a reminder on the importance of choice and attitude: 

I wake up to the sounds of a hungry Revel, but in my dream it is a small kitten who is wedged between two rocks on the side of a mountain. Once I come to, his cute kitten cries have erupted into a full on scream. It’s 830 am, and we have all slept in. A few minutes later Max rolls out of bed, snuggles in with me, Revel and Daddy and asks for some breakfast. It’s been a particularly hard night as Revel is still trying to push his two bottom teeth through, so Jason nor I are super fast to jump into the morning routine.

The night before, Jason and I made plans to wake up early, get Max off to school and go climbing with our babysitter who would watch Revel while we climb.  Now, that all seems to be slipping away as we fumble around trying to get ourselves and our boys sorted.

Amongst the chaos, I sit down with a cup of tea and have a brief moment to think. A part of me is about to throw it all in and say “Ok, let’s just try for another day and have a home day today”. In this moment I can see the day unfolding: me in a sleepy daze all day getting work done on the house and on the computer and both of us slightly annoyed that we didn’t get to go on our outdoor mission. While it’s not the worst vision, I feel like there is a better choice for our day but in my sleepiness, I can’t work out any logistics.  And then Jason comes in for the rescue – “Alright, I got it! We are going down the river! Lily can come along and babysit Revel while running our shuttle and we will be back in time to get Max from Kindy.”

“Yes!” I say, “that is just what we need.”

I start making Max’s breakfast and lunch while Jason packs the car up. And just like that, our mission is still on and we have averted the all too easy choice of letting everything go and staying home.

Later on, as I paddled down the river with Jason, taking turns scouting the rapids, weaving in and out of boulders, catching eddies, avoiding holes and charging into waves  I thought about how much life is like navigating down a river.

Sometimes it is best to just let go and let the current take you where it wants to, but other times it’s better to work a little harder to find a different line, or even better to find an eddy (slack water on the side of the river or behind a boulder) to take a moment and think about your next move.  All are ok, but once you make a choice, it is best to fully commit to it and not worry about how the other choice would have turned out.

At the end of our little mission, all involved were happy. Lily our babysitter and Revel had done a little hike while waiting for us, Jason and I were feeling inspired and exhilarated after some exciting rapids and Max was a very happy boy when we picked him up from kindy.








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