Life update and Spartan Games

A few months ago I promised myself that I would start writing more. But then life. Like almost every single person knows and feels, 2020 has been a year of adaptation, challenge, and ultimately for me: letting go. Letting go of “I should’s” and replacing them with “I can and I want to” has really helped me feel happy despite all the changes. Hence writing blogs were just not on my high priority list these past few months. And while we are not through the weeds yet, I had a moment of “yes” to writing tonight. So here I am.

I wanted to share a blog that I wrote for our other site: about a recent series I was in. In late September 13 months after Revel was born Jason surprised me and entered me into the Spartan Games. I found out I was accepted two weeks before the four day competition so there was no time to prepare for the little that I knew about it. But for me that was not the point. To find out more of my story head over (link) and read about my experience. To watch the series, head over to the Spartan Youtube channel. I was not one of the “athletes” to watch but you see little bits of me here and there.

Soon I hope to write more as I have a lot of fun trainings and family adventures to share!

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