Racing and Recovery

I recently wrote a blog for Mission Farms CBD on how we use CBD for racing and recovery. If you have asked me a year ago about CBD, I would not be able to tell you anything other than I had heard it could help with pain.

Fast forward a year later, and I am in love with it. From helping us sleep to helping our muscles recover faster, we have felt so much better and while we have changed a few of our every day habits, we attribute most of our ability to wake up and be better athletes and parents than before to Mission Farms.

Rather than writing a new blog, click on this link to learn more about why we love it and how we use it. And if you want to hear even more about our recovery protocol, Outside Magazine is hosting a webinar with us and Mission Farms on Aug 31 at 11 am pacific time! Here’s the link for that in case you can make it.

What are your favorite tools you use for recovery?

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