Eek! It’s almost Christmas!

Are you scrambling for a gift for someone at the last hour?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. I remember my dad going out on Christmas Eve and getting all of his Christmas shopping done that day. He’d be gone all day and then be up most of the night wrapping.

It seemed like he loved it. He never seemed stressed. But that was my Dad for you. While I have a little of that in me, I tend to get stressed if I have to go out and go to a store. My go to last minute gifts are usually hand made or are experienced based gifts. For some fun ideas, see some of my favorites below!

Coupons/ Date book:

For the last 8 years, my husband has been getting a little handmade date book from me. I love to put in a date day/ night for each month of the year. While this does take longer than a night to do, coupons are always a great last minute gift that are fun to give and to receive.

A month pass or punch card to the one of their favorite gyms/museums:

One year I got my mom and step dad a pass to the gym because they had been talking about how they needed to just go. I thought a pass would be a perfect motivator, and it was! This year, our family got ourselves a family pass to the rock gym, and it has been an amazing way to spend time together. When we presented it to our kids as a present, they were stoked. If there is a museum, a recovery center or rock gym in your area, they usually sell 10 punch passes or month passes on line.

Coffee/tea card:

Who doesn’t love to indulge themselves at their favorite cafe/coffee stand every once in a while? This is one of my personal favorites to give and to receive!

An invite for a future dinner (homemade/or going out)

This one is fun because rather than a gift certificate that they can use whenever they want (which is also very nice!), it’s an invite that includes you. These days it is hard to connect one on one with a lot of people but if you throw them a meal, it is hard for most people to say no.

A stay at a lodge/a planned camping weekend:

We all love to get out an adventure but many times the planning part gets in the way. I find that when I get the ball rolling (book a room at the nearby hot springs/ book a camping spot) then it puts all in motion and at least gets the dates set. From there, if you wanted to go all out, you could offer to plan and buy the food or all the excursions.

Buy a one day lift pass:

For those of us who live close to a resort, this is an amazing gift to give to someone who you want to go have a ski date with.

A gift certificate to their favorite grocery store or some of their favorite yummy food items:

I am sure between now and Christmas you will find yourself at the grocery store getting some last minute items. While there, consider getting a gift card or some treats that you know that person would like (my go to’s are coffee, beer, wine, chocolate or hot sauce).

A hug and a compliment:

Whether you are on a budget or don’t have any time at all, a hug and a nice compliment goes a long way. Let that person know how much love them and what your favorite trait about them is. And if you can’t say in person, write it down in a note or a card!

Merry Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year!!!

May you stress little and get outside with your loved ones or by yourself a lot in the next few days.

Love Chelsey

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