My Top 8 Mother’s Day Gifts!

Whew, I can’t believe Mothers Day is now less than a month away. This past month has been a whirlwind for my family and I from landing after an amazing trip to NZ, to training for Expedition Ozark, to my husband getting a kidney stone the day before we flew to the race, to us actually winning the race – I have been “full steam” ahead for a while now. It feels nice to finally have a minute to sit down and write. I will for sure write up a race recap post but I first wanted to share some of my favorite mothers day gift ideas that I have personally been loving for the past while because it is less than a month away!

Many mothers will say that this is only a day or that “everyday is mothers day for me”, but take my advice (as a Mama who says this), we LOVE to be pampered and thought of on this day. A hand drawn card, an evening off, a drawn bath, a homemade dinner – these are all AMAZING gifts that I absolutely love. But just in case you are looking for a present to give to that special Mama in your life, check out my list below. These are not my usual “adventure” gear items, (that will come in a later post) rather these are my daily go to’s that make me feel extra special and loved everyday. To all you Mothers who came before me, who are in this with me and who will come after me- thank you for all your lessons, love and support.

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

This is not your average button down shirt. And there is a reason it is called the “blanket” shirt. It is the perfect weight (not to heavy and not to light), it is extremely comfortable (made with 100% organic cotton), and will only get better with age and more wear. I am not usually a flannel person, but this one caught my eye for both its “timelessness” and its ability to be worn in every single season. Since I have gotten mine two months ago, I have honestly reached for it every single day!

Rad Face Roller:


The face roller by Rad is an amazing tool for relaxation and for keeping those awesome fine lines and wrinkles at bay. I am pretty hard on my face and skin in general. Racing for days on end does a number to me, but my mind and heart love it so it is worth it to me. On my days at home though, I use the rad face roller every night to massage my neck muscles, jaw and forehead. These areas hold a lot of our daily stress but having this tool has helped me feel so much better!

Angelinas Organic Skin Care – Skin Doctor


Speaking of skin, my go to for every scratch and dry spot that I get on my body is Skin Doctor. This salve is absolutely amazing. Ever since starting to use it more than a decade ago I have yet to get blisters on my hands and feet during races and my scars and scratches heal up so much more quickly. Even my kids love it. Instead of asking for chap stick or bandaids they say “Mama, can you put some Skin Doctor on it?” I believe every Mama should have this in her purse, car, bike, etc. It is MAGIC!  Other products I use of Angelinas on the daily is their coconut lactic peel, youth in bloom face wash and any of their serums. Use BendRacing for 10% off!

Bronwen Jewelry

It is sooo hard to pick someone else out jewelry, but Bronwen Jewelry is not just any jewelry shop. Every single thing on her site and in her shop is something any woman (and child- my boys love their necklaces!) would love to wear. Her pieces are timeless and most importantly durable and light weight. Take it from me, I wear the “With Spirit” necklace, post earrings and sometimes even hoops when I am racing and training and they have yet to come off. 

Mission Farms CBD Gummies

I have listed these before, but I am going to do it again because 1) they are amazing and work instantly and 2) I have an incredible discount code that you can use over and over again: BendRacing40. But seriously, these gummies are great for minor aches or pains and for simply calming down at the end of a big day. I love to take one after dinner time and before our bedtime routine. It helps me calm down, do some much needed yoga and bring my body into a relaxing state before bed. My sleep score has gone way up and my recovery times have increased ever since starting to use CBD. They have no THC in them, so don’t worry about getting to an “altered state of mind”, if anything it just encourages your body to chill, helps with sore muscles and any inflammation in the body.

Womans SeaVee Bodega Clog:


I am so excited that it is almost gardening and planting season!! And I am equally excited to put these cute, fun and sustainable clogs to the test. Sea Vee is one of my new favorite brands as they are big on recycling and lessening our impact. I have these clogs in the bright yellow color and they just make me smile every time I put them on. They are lightweight, comfortable, waterproof and very quick to slip on and off. My oldest son even said the other day that he wanted his own pair, so now we are on the hunt for some for him!

OuterKnown S.E.A. Suit


I am so excited that jump suits and now coveralls are in! I used to watch my Dad wear his all the time and now I have a pair that are bright green and sooo comfortable. I wear it out gardening, to run errands, and out to spring get togethers. It is breathable, very comfortable and super fun. For us mothers, the many pockets coupled with a durable yet soft blend of cotton and linen makes it a perfect all day “Mama suit”.

Carve SwimSuit

With beach/river season right around the corner, many women and mothers are probably starting to look for a new swimsuit! I know that I am at least. For my body type and shape, I am inlove with the high waisted and high cut styles that are coming out now. They are super comfortable, have the right amount of coverage and let me run, play and swim with out worrying. My favorite this season is the Lani Mae bottoms coupled with the Tofino top. But there are seriously so many styles, I think they have every single body type and size covered which I love! And yes I know swimsuits are highly personal and maybe not a great gift – but a gift certificate would be totally great and doable, that way she can pick one out herself!

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