Motherwise: Play Big

IMG_7950Wild and Radical Self Care with Chelsey Magness

and special guest Millissa Greenwood


With motherhood we have crossed a threshold. And whether we like it or not, we have the scars to prove it. We can choose to embrace the lies of perfection, desperately grasping at the unrealistic, or we can decide to let go, own our individuality, and just be (or start to become) ourselves. This weekend event is for *mamas only*-  whether your children are old or young, living here, or in spirit country. 

Seasoned by adversity and having achieved  flavors all their own, for three days, Chelsey Magness and Millissa Greenwood will be leading talks and teaching practices in motherhood specific mindfulness- during stillness as well as movement. If you were fortunate enough to attend last year’s Motherwise event, you became privy to the techniques required for mastering the art of not giving a fuck. This year, however, we instead navigate the intricacies of *budgeting* your fucks- knowing when to give one and when to keep them to yourself.

Do you struggle with how to make needed changes in your life with courage; how to move (both literally and figuratively) through this world like steel and water? Are you desperate to find ways to honor your own needs in the midst of best serving the needs of your family? Well, this weekend is for YOU.

Your host has drawn from all the experiences and techniques that have molded and taught her over the years, and she’s combined them with methods she’s developed on her own along the way. This is your opportunity to spend an entire weekend with women just like you, as you soak up Chelsey’s unique spin on visualization, exercise, nutrition, ritual, tradition, and much, much more.

Have you been afraid to change it up? Feel stuck in rut? Need a major shift? Well, as much as we’d love to guarantee a drastic life altering experience “or your money back,” we can’t. Your experience is ultimately up to you.  We can, however, promise a damn good weekend that will give you the tools and confidence to walk on, to the beat of your own drum.

What’s Included: 

-Delicious, nutritious, and filling meals and snacks (vegetarian and meat options) specifically tailored to your dietary preferences and restrictions

-Lodging in a spacious, comfortable home in beautiful Sunriver (with a hot tub!)

-4 days of retreat living including: yoga, meditation, functional fitness, and personal challenges

-sharing and discussion of deep topics with an entire group of attendees and amazing staff of tough and compassionate fellow mamas

-Optional group activities such as yoga, tarot card reading/energetic guidance, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, slacklining, and partner acro

-Some free time. Plenty of space for conversing, movement, stillness, and shenanigans

-Nature at it’s finest, with trails, a river, and mountains at your doorstep

-Swag from various sponsors including PrAna, Sea to Summit, Hydroflask, Bronwen Jewelers, and much more.

A day might look like:

  • A leisurely wake up
  • Morning yoga
  • A nourishing breakfast
  • Themed discussion
  • Optional outdoor activity related to the morning’s theme
  • Yummy lunch
  • Afternoon free time
  • A delightful dinner
  • Evening light movement, discussion and connection
  • Sweet dreams

What you’ll get out of it:

We can’t really say for sure. WE do not have the answers for YOU – those have to come from within yourself. What we do have is knowledge to share from personal experiences that can help you put together YOUR road map to physically, mentally, and emotionally get through your next storm – whether that be going grocery shopping or running your first marathon.

Please come to our event as open as you can, without expectations but with intention and an attitude of curiosity and acceptance. At the end of the retreat, you will not want to go home! But at the same time you will feel ready and empowered!

Every Motherwise event is a safe, sacred space where mothers can share anything they want, ask anything they want, and be whomever they want to be. At our retreats, to change your mind, to say one thing but mean another, to make “mistakes,” to be vulnerable, to be scared, to put up a wall, to not be okay in every single moment….. is absolutely FINE.

Women are encouraged to let go, relax, laugh, dance, get naked, be silly, cry their eyes out, hold one another, be held. What you will not find at a Motherwise retreat: bullying, man bashing, gossip, judgement of anyone else’s choices in parenting or life. Because Fuck. That. Shit.

Your days will be full on, but only if you want them to be. All of our activities are optional because we know how it is being a mama, and we know how it is to wake up and be fiercely particular about the fucks you give. We are limiting attendance and intentionally keeping this retreat small to provide intimacy among guests and individualized attention.

Dates:  May 2, 2019- 4pm through May 5, 2019 -11am

Where: Bend, Oregon

Lodging:  We will all be together in a home outside the city limits of Bend with an ample amount of space to wander and wonder, do yoga, eat meals together, and gather for our daily and nightly talks. 

Price:  $699 

How to register:  We take PayPal, Venmo, Cash, and Check. Please email us at or to make a deposit or pay in full.

Equipment rentals: Packrafts and SUP rentals are included. However, Bike rentals are not. For a mountain bike rental (for one of the days during the optional activity) there will be an additional $25- $50 depending on what kind of bike you want to ride.

A la carte massages:  Relaxing and therapeutic massages will be available at $80/60min or $110/90 min. (Cash preferred for speedy turnover, but credit cards accepted!) Treat yourself!!

Mama Access Fund: The Mama Access Fund is a fund that goes towards scholarships for mothers in need who would like to come this this event, but don’t have the financial ability to make it happen! If you would like to donate to this cause, please consider adding $5- $25 when you make your registration payment.


Questions?:  email Kimberly at



Chelsey Magness  

is a professional adventure racer, world renowned acrobatics teacher, and a new mother. While she is no stranger to challenges, her entry into motherhood was one that rocked her hard. The beginning of 2017 saw her giving birth to two twin boys. One boy stayed. We call him Max. The other, Spirit B, left his body shortly before coming into this world. Needless to say, Chelsey’s first months as a mother were filled with many tears of both sadness and joy. Now, almost two years later, while the wounds are still fresh and sometimes barely covered, she continues her rigorous physical training with the responsibilities of mothering in tow, and has developed tools to help her and her family cope with this great loss. Through meditation, movement, open communication,  self-care, and writing, she is healing herself and many others with traumas and tribulations of their own.

Special Guest:


Millissa Greenwood

As a student, teacher, and community builder, Millissa lives and breathes acro yoga. During her time in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Millissa honed her skills as a community builder and budding teacher before moving west to Vancouver. Since arriving in Vancouver, Millissa has been able to expand her teachings and exploration of creative movement through her Flow to Show progression and acroyoga performances. While balance is a key to all things movement, Millissa has realized balance is also an important part of life in general, especially since becoming a mother. Millissa’s son Zeke may be her youngest and freshest acro partner, but he challenges her to embrace the art of play like no other! Millissa is thrilled to support this mamas’ weekend and share her love of acro, and play!

Click here to read a super rad article in Cosmo about Millissa and her family.

Tarot Reader:

susan HS 2018

Susan Holland

received her tarot deck almost twenty years ago from a Celtic mystic. After spending a year learning to read the cards, Susan began professionally giving reading. The deck she uses is Secret Dakini which refers to the innermost feminine wisdom that dwells within all things. The deck specifically draws from the themes of Himalayan Buddhism. Susan studied with a Tibetan meditation teacher from her teenage years onward. She eventually did 4 1/2 years of cloistered, intensive meditation retreat and ritual studies with this teacher. Having learned and meditated deeply on the concepts of compassion, selflessness, and innate wisdom, Susan strives to apply all she learned from her teacher in her daily life. When Susan reads tarot from her Secret Dakini deck she hopes to impart wisdom and compassion in the form of guidance clarity. Nothing is set in stone. Our paths and our karma are fluid and always changing. Mystical readings don’t tell us what will happen next, but rather help us gather strength from our past, clarify our present, and shine a light on our bright, but ever-uncertain future.



Amber Hamilton-Kliger

finds deep comfort and joy from spending time cooking and creating in the kitchen. Amber grew up as her mama’s right hand prep cook and has since kept the kitchen fires kindled. She has worked in various kitchens while consistently keeping her own cauldrons brewing with  culinary projects and inspirations. When she is not busy working as a wilderness therapy field guide, you can find her cooking at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center helping create wholesome meals for guests traveling from near and far. Having studied wholistic health and nutrition, you’ll see the foundation of her cooking is based in whole foods tradition, with some dips into sinful delights. She finds joy in seasonal wild harvesting and loves to incorporate these treasures in her cooking as she finds them. As one of her love languages is food, Amber is nourished by making and sharing it in many ways and places~ whether in her cozy kitchen, your kitchen, or on a fire in a mountain meadow. Amber is deeply supportive of the Motherwise mission and honored to help nourish the mamas attending this retreat.

Massage Therapist:


Laura Fieberg

has over 15 years of experience in the massage and fitness field and specializes in Deep Tissue Massage to help clients with their aches, pains, injuries, and overall stress levels. With a 4-year Exercise and Sports Science Degree and a Yoga Teacher Certification, you can be sure you’re in great hands! She is delighted to be a part of this year’s Motherwise retreat and is looking forward to meeting you all!

Angel Host (present in spirit):


Kimberly Margaret

celebrates the light AND the dark; the good days and the bad- for it is her firm belief that you cannot have one without the other. Married, with children, at a young age found her divorced and feeling jaded (yet still youthful!) after 17 years of wedded “bliss.” (That is, *after* she got up from being a puddle on the floor.) Kimberly has learned to evolve as a person by reinventing herself whenever she deems it necessary (or when life demands it of her) and has effectively become an accidental sage along the way. She lives as unfettered an existence as possible in her Texas hill country abode, delicately positioned exactly on the edge of the grid. A mother of four, (and a grandmother to two!) she is no stranger to the necessity of running a tight ship, nor of handling the unexpected with grace (and artfully placed expletives). Never shy to share an opinion, she brings her no nonsense style to every aspect of her life- be it imperfect parenting, her own self-care, or helping clients with the nuances of their personal/home lives. Half Dear Abby and half Mom-for-hire, Kimberly is often sought after to help friends and strangers simply handle life. She thrives under stress and only balks at a challenge if she REALLY just doesn’t give a fuck. While Kimberly will not be on location at this event, be assured that she is hard at work behind the scenes. Always available to you in the virtual world, she is just an email away.


I laughed, i cried, i biked, i drank, i healed!”

“Motherwise was the first time that i spent even one night away from my baby. At that point, i was exhausted and emotionally raw from a pregnancy that almost killed me, and many months of struggling to feed an underweight baby. Even though i was theoretically out of crisis mode, i was still struggling hard. Motherwise allowed me to step away, take a few precious days of recharge, and come back so much stronger. It is no exaggeration to say that it was a turning point for me as a mother.”