My name is Chelsey Magness, and I am a  professional athlete and acrobat.  This blog is a place for my thoughts and feelings as my body went through a major undertaking of creating two humans and where I am at now with losing one of them to the spiritual world.  I got inspired to start this after not finding any information or personal accounts from other professional athletes during their pregnancy and life after having babies. I know that many athletes have children, and there must have been some amount of challenge and success, and I wanted to read about them!  After not finding anything worth while, I decided to make my own.

But be warned,  It is raw, it is real and it is unedited. I may write some stuff one day that doesn’t make any sense or that I don’t agree with the next day. I may even offend people and be doing things that not everyone agrees with. But I don’t really care. Because ultimately this is for me.

I do hope however that it helps women who may be having the same challenges as me. If that is you, please read on and comment!