6.5 weeks

Well 6 weeks hit, and I feel like I got hit by a truck.  I am pretty much nauseas all of the time and get tired very easily. I wake up because I am nauseas, then I eat and feel ok for 15 min, then I am nauseas again.  The only times I am not feeling queasy is when I am moving. Biking, swimming, paddling or running.. it all feels good.  So I have been doing a lot of moving, a little bit of eating and as much sleep as I can get.

In fact, even looking at this computer is making me nausea, so I am going to cut this post short.

This week I am loving:

Sourdough, Kefir, lemon juice, citrus, eggs, beans

Any type of constant moving


What I am hating:

driving in cars







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