With Spirit – The Film


On May tenth, which also happened to be Mothers Day, a film about me “racing through grief at the edge of the world” came out. A friend and videographer named Scott Almendinger became intrigued and fascinated with how I was dealing with my son, Spirit B’s passing a few years ago. After following our team across a good chunk of Patagonia during the Patagonian Expedition Race where he interviewed Jason and I and got some amazing raw footage such as us spreading some of Spirit’s ashes and a beautiful rainbow that followed for us for miles and miles, he decided to make it into a movie. The process of him coming out to Bend to interview me at different places where I visited Spirit B and of me finally looking at actual pictures and footage of the birth and Spirit B was of course heart wrenching. However, it was also, healing and fulfilling in its own way.

On the day it got shared across our many channels, Jason took me and the boys on a long bike ride up to the top of a mountain pass. Spirit B was with me the whole way in many forms – telling me “this is so good Mama, thank you, thank you.” and “I love you Mama, your family is light.”

A few days after the video came out, we embarked on a 9 day bike trip with the boys (a  post on that is coming out in a few days so stay tuned!) hence me not sharing it here right away.  This blog helped me heal, through writing and sharing with all of you, I became braver, softer, and more resilient in ways that I never thought I could. So thank you from the bottom of my big ol healed heart. Your support is felt and so appreciated. If you have not already seen it – please, take a 50 min out of your day and have a watch. And please, let me know what you think.

Thank you to Bronwen Jewelry, Recharge Sport, GearJunkie,com, BendRacing and The YogaSlackers for making it possible to be free for everyone to watch.

You can view it here:  www.scottalmendinger.com/withspirit

and you can read a little more about me

here: bronwenjewelry.com/pages/chelseys-page


here: gearjunkie.com/with-spirit-film


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